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Inside View for Business Partners

Want to claim your share of the $100 billion social business market opportunity? We’ll help you do just that at Connect 2016, with competitive insights, cutting-edge technology, and dedicated time to engage with prospects. During this discussion, you’ll learn more about what’s in store for you at the conference, and hear from IBM business partners who reveal why they’re coming and, more importantly, what they’ve gained in years past.

Lou Sassano, @IBMPartners
Director, Global Business Partner Sales, IBM
Slava Frid, @essextec
Vice President of Solution Architecture and Digital Experience, Essextec
Jon Jorgl, @genband
President of Enterprise, GENBAND

December 10, 2015

1:00 PM - 1:30 PM ET

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Make every moment count—even before the conference. Take advantage of our IBM Connect micro events. These informal discussions feature our social business executives, including Lou Sassano, Ed Brill, and John Hernandez, who will chat about delivering collaboration and social tools in the cloud and building a culture of participation, among other topics. During the live event you’ll be able to join the discussion on Blab and Twitter.

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